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Kalbi Korean BBQ

So you’re tired of your usual nights out to normal restaurants and you’re looking for something new to try? Then Kalbi Korean BBQ might just be the thing for you.  January 29 2016
January 29 2016

Known in Korean as Gogigui, which literally translates to “meat roasting”, Korean BBQ refers to their method of cooking various types of meat, including beef, chicken and pork. In traditional Korean restaurants, the meat is cooked directly on the diner’s table via gas or charcoal grills that can either be built into the table or made transportable.  January 29 2016
January 29 2016  January 29 2016
January 29 2016  January 29 2016
January 29 2016

If you’re looking to have a unique experience (that will also make for some awesome Instagram pictures) then be sure to check out any one of these nine Korean BBQ restaurants. Ieat June 10 2015
Ieat June 10 2015

Have fun !



Vietnamese food in Montreal

There are so many Vietnamese restaurants in Montreal, such as Fu Lam, Pho Lien, My Canh, Cafe Saigon …

You can search them on the internet or in Chinatown.

The first place I want to show you is Fu Lam buffet. This restaurant is belongs to Chinese people but they make Vietnamese food, it is really delicious.

Fu Lam has 4 places in Montreal: 4275 Rue Jean-Talon, 

                                                            1600 Boul le Corbusier

                                                            7165 Boulevard Newman
                                                           3500 Boulevard de la Côte-Vertu


You can walk around and pick up many food that you like.



It is a large place so you can invite your friends and your family to come here for a party.

The service is nice, the restaurant is relatively quiet, not too many people. The food is fresh and they always keep everything replenished.

Come and enjoy. I hope you will like it.

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