Yesterday on Nov 23th, my friends invited me to go skating. It was really interesting. That was my first time, I used to think it would be difficult but I was not. After class at 4pm, we started going to Bonaventure metro, and the skating place was upstairs of the building.

15107248_1601168553526173_6757402897924154616_n   There were 4 people: Manveer, Manpreet, Abdul and me, we are in the same class. After falling down many times, I skated well :))15134670_1601168576859504_257498511912688252_n   Manveer is an active guy, he taught me how to skate and took me around.

15171020_1601168520192843_6434316107066411411_n   Manprret is a heavy guy, that was his second time but he didn’t do well, he had fallen down at least 3 times, he and I were in the same situation..

15202604_1601168483526180_1594098769504116984_n   Although we were not good at skating, even we couldn’t stand but we took photos all the time :))

15219485_1601168610192834_6801187668024556605_n   Abdul skated very good because he had been there in the morning that day, so he joked us and overturned us.

manpreet   It was an interesting moment, I really liked it and I hoped I could come back again.

The address is Le 1000. Open at 8 am and close at 9 pm.

Enjoy your time!